Warmly celebrate the 28th anniversary of Seven Star Electric-Thank you for having you and carrying forward the past!!!

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Quanzhou Seven Star Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and has now gone through 28 years. Recently, the company held a grand celebration to celebrate his 28th birthday. The company's management, employee representatives and related guests gathered here to show the company's growth process and future development direction.
At the beginning of the event, the company's chairman Lin Ronghua and general manager Huang Chunling delivered enthusiastic speeches, reviewing the company's 28-year development history and achievements. As a leading domestic power equipment manufacturer, Qixing adheres to "technology leadership, Quality first" business philosophy, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and has made remarkable achievements in high-voltage switchgear, circuit breakers and other fields. The theme of the 28th anniversary celebration is "inheriting the spirit of the seven stars and creating a more brilliant future". Subsequently, representatives of various departments of the company came to the stage to receive recognition for their contributions and achievements in the development of the company. Various departments have set up a number of awards, fully affirming the efforts and painstaking efforts of various departments of the company in the process of continuous development and growth. At the same time, wonderful theatrical performances and dinners were specially prepared to let the guests feel the seven-star electric spirit of "unity, hard work, innovation and excellence.
During the celebration, Qixing Electric also held various forms of interactive activities to let the guests have a deep understanding of Qixing Electric and feel the corporate culture and team spirit. This anniversary celebration is not only a review of the company's 28 years of development, but also an affirmation and encouragement to all employees who have contributed to the company. In the future, the company will promote its own business expansion and innovation, combine market development trends, actively expand new areas and markets, optimize the company's business structure, and comprehensively improve the company's market competitiveness. The company will continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the realization of its own development and promote the overall development of the domestic and foreign electrical markets.