36 Licheng enterprises have obtained this "hard signboard" of national qualification certification "!

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Recently, the reporter learned from the Licheng District Science and Technology Bureau that 36 companies in our district, including Torch Electronics, Far East Environmental Protection, Bshuo Machinery, and Seven Star Electric, were recognized as national high-tech enterprises in 2020. The number of recognized companies increased by 38.4 year-on-year. The application pass rate was 87.8, far exceeding the city's average. The steady increase in the number of identified high-tech enterprises in Licheng is a strong proof of the remarkable results of the cultivation of high-tech enterprises.

Licheng District 2020

List of State-level High-tech Enterprises


1 Fujian Torch Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

2 Quanzhou Bshuo Machinery Co., Ltd.

3 Quanzhou Jinshan Stone Tools Technology Co., Ltd.

4 Quanzhou Jester Instrument Co., Ltd.

5 Seven Star Electric Co., Ltd.

6 Quanzhou Far East Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

7 Fujian Tanaka Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

8 Fujian Global Communication Co., Ltd.

9 Quanzhou Sangchuan Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

10 Quanzhou United Friends Information Technology Co., Ltd.

11 Quanzhou Qisheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

12 Fujian Senhekes Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

13 Quanzhou Jiatong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

14 Quanzhou Jiangnan Dongfeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

15 Quanzhou Shengyuan Police Reconnaissance Equipment Co., Ltd.

16 Shiguang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

17 Quanzhou Yiyuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

18 Fujian Hongwei Information Technology Co., Ltd.

19 Quanzhou Haishuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

20 Quanzhou Zhenghai Technology Co., Ltd.

21 Fujian Zhongbao Archives Management Service Co., Ltd.

22 Quanzhou Jieyun Software Development Co., Ltd.

23 Quanzhou Yuedon Shoes Co., Ltd.

24 Zhongke Blue (Fujian) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

25 Taihaokang Electronic Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd.

26 Quanzhou Hongyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

27 Quanzhou Sanchuan Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

28 Quanzhou Licheng Xiexing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

29 Quanzhou Yongxing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

30 Quanzhou Jiacai Electronics Co., Ltd

31 Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

32 Quanzhou Senlong Telecommunication Co., Ltd

33 Quanzhou Woke Electric Co., Ltd.

34 Quanzhou Zhanggong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

35 Quanzhou Haihuang Garment Co., Ltd

36 Quanzhou Muni Luggage Co., Ltd.

State-level high-tech enterprises to identify strict norms, the declaration of enterprises put forward high requirements.The declared enterprise must be a resident enterprise registered in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for more than one year by continuously carrying out research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the high-tech fields supported by the state, forming the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carrying out business activities on this basis. The identification of high-tech enterprises adopts a percentile system, focusing on four indicators including core independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, research and development organization and management level, and growth indicators. The declaration of national high-tech enterprises must reach at least 70 points before it can be passed. "High-tech enterprises are recognized once a year, and the qualifications of enterprises that pass the recognition are valid for three years from the date of issuance of the certificate." Licheng District Science and Technology Bureau staff introduced the way.

Obtaining the recognition of high-tech enterprises is an affirmation and a driving force for enterprises.In addition to the preferential policy of "reducing corporate income tax at a tax rate of 15%", state-level high-tech enterprises can also enjoy policies and measures such as rewards and subsidies for the cultivation of high-tech enterprises in Licheng and one-to-one centralized guidance on application materials, so as to promote enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological research and development and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


It is understood that Licheng District has completed the distribution of 5.7 million yuan of provincial, municipal and district matching bonus funds for 29 provincial high-tech enterprises in 2019 and 2.24 million yuan of provincial and municipal bonus funds for 16 provincial high-tech enterprises in 2019, effectively helping 31 enterprises to successfully enter the provincial high-tech enterprise cultivation bank in 2020 and reserving 22 provincial high-tech enterprise cultivation bank enterprises.

Cultivating high-tech enterprises and establishing a gradient cultivation mechanism are not only the hard tasks for Licheng to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, but also the inevitable choice to enhance regional innovation capabilities. For a long time, based on the reality of the industry, Licheng has continued to increase its support for high-tech enterprises through the tilt of funds, policies, and talent elements. Up to now, the total number of high-tech enterprises in our district has reached 81. Next, Licheng District will study and formulateMeasures to Accelerate the Cultivation and Development of High-tech Enterprises, Actively select technology-based enterprises with good innovation foundation, great development potential, and good growth potential as key cultivation objects, and provide financial subsidies and support in patent application, talent introduction, industry-university-research cooperation, financial support, etc., and strive to break through high-tech enterprises by the end of this year 100 Family.