Ring network cabinet (box) the latest ranking of enterprises! 2020 National Network winning enterprises summary: 186 enterprises on the list!

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Recently, the domestic professional electric power B2B platform--Electric Tiger Network (www.e7895.com)The list of winning bids for various categories of power companies in 27 provinces of the State Grid in 2020 will be released one after another, including (box-type substations, power metering boxes, power distribution terminals, complete sets of equipment for transformers on columns, etc.), so as to facilitate everyone to understand the situation of each enterprise's bid in the State Grid.


In this issue, Electric Tiger Network continued to sort out the winning bids of ring network cabinets (including ring network cabinets, primary and secondary integration complete sets of ring network cabinets, etc.) in 27 provincial power companies of the State Grid in 2020. A total of 186 enterprises won the bids. Details of the winning bids are as follows: