Fire evacuation drill

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At 11: 30 a.m. on March 20, 2021, in order to further strengthen the company's safety work and enhance the company's employees' awareness of fire safety, in line with the principle of "safety first, prevention first" and the idea of "people-oriented", the company will improve its self-rescue and prevention ability, so that in the event of a fire, it can evacuate safely according to the fire escape route in an orderly and rapid manner to ensure life safety and the company's fire safety, our company used the spare time to carry out a safe evacuation fire drill. A rush of sirens opened the curtain of the "safe evacuation drill". Hearing the sirens, all the employees bent over, walked with cats, covered their mouths and noses, moved quickly along the stairs designated by the company, evacuated to the safety zone designated by the company in an orderly manner, and then each department counted the number of people and reported up layer by layer. After the safe evacuation of all employees, the assembly is completed! The successful completion of this fire drill has strengthened the safety awareness of the employees, turned the abstract safety drill into a specific actual combat exercise, made all employees basically understand the response measures when a disaster occurs, and greatly enhanced the safety awareness of the majority of employees. Self-care and self-rescue skills have also effectively strengthened the company's safety education work.


Alarm sounds

The staff quickly fled the scene.

All staff gather