Riding the Wind and Waves Fortitude to Move Forward 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting Annual Summit Held

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Quanzhou Net, March 29 (Reporter Wang Shufan/Wen Chen Xiaodong Chen Xiaoyang/Photography) On the 26th, the annual summit of the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference with the theme of "Riding the Wind and Waves" was held. Zhang Yongning, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, Xu Wengui, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Lin Zhijian, vice chairman of the CPPCC attended the meeting.

Zhang Yongning said in his speech that as an annual event in Quanzhou economic circles, the brand effect of Quanzhou economic annual meeting is constantly emerging. It is hoped that this annual meeting will promote the government, enterprises, research institutions and the media to unite and enlighten each other, and jointly embark on a new journey of riding the wind and waves. This year marks the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the 14th five-year Plan. Quanzhou is speeding up the construction of a "famous city of silk and a strong manufacturing city." it is hoped that the vast number of enterprises and entrepreneurs will uphold the fine tradition of daring to be the first in the world. in the new round of market competition, we will cultivate new opportunities, open new games, and make greater achievements in patriotism, dedication, honesty and law-abiding by the law, and service to society. The municipal party committee and the municipal government will want to work together with the majority of enterprises, strive to create a first-class business environment, and work together to accelerate the creation of a national private economic demonstration city, and inject new connotations into the "Jinjiang Experience.

The summit was organized by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Digital Office, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Quanzhou Co-hosted by Evening News. At the summit site, nine lists including the economic figures of 2020 and the top ten measures to optimize the business environment in 2020 were announced. Relevant leaders of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and Fujian Wanwei Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd. made special speeches on the development of private enterprises and the digital economy respectively.

Build a dream with one heart, step up to a new level, take advantage of the situation and start a new journey.

On March 26, the annual summit of the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference was successfully held. With the theme of "riding the wind and breaking the waves", this annual economic conference is jointly organized by the propaganda Department of the Municipal CPC Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Digital Office, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Union of Industry and Commerce, and the Quanzhou Evening News Agency. Co-sponsored by Agricultural Bank of China Quanzhou Branch and China Mobile Quanzhou Branch.

The summit invited Li Hongjie, vice president of Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, to give a keynote speech on "Quanzhou Private Enterprises as Space under Fujian's New Pattern" from a macro level. Chen Zhaohui, chairman of Wanwei Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme of "Digital Revolution, Enterprise Survival" from a micro level. At the same time, the site released the annual economic figures, the annual ten measures to optimize the business environment "the most sense of gain", the annual enterprise (unit) social responsibility award, the annual top ten industrial internet benchmarking enterprises, the annual outstanding cross-border e-commerce service enterprises, the annual top ten craftsman spirit enterprises (units), the annual top ten intelligent livelihood projects, the annual top ten arts and crafts masters, and the annual outstanding spring belong to the nine lists of foreign chambers of commerce.

Riding the wind and waves

Quanzhou Industrial Economy Speeds Up

Just past 2020, China's economy is still growing by 2.3 under the impact of the new crown epidemic, bringing a valuable bright color to the world economy in deep recession. Quanzhou, a large private economic city, overcame the adverse factors brought about by the epidemic and also delivered a beautiful answer last year, with a GDP of 1015.866 billion billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 2.9 percent. In the closing year of the 13th five year plan, Quanzhou's economic aggregate broke through the trillion yuan mark for the first time, ranking first in the province for 22 consecutive years.

The main writer of this "beautiful answer sheet" is the vast number of private enterprises. Over the past year, Quanzhou has coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, stepped up efforts to restore order in production and life, and worked hard to win back the time and opportunities missed during the epidemic. The industrial economy accelerated and the city's major economic indicators achieved positive growth. In 2020, the added value of the primary industry in Quanzhou was 22.66 billion yuan, up 1.8 percent; the added value of the secondary industry was 580.815 billion yuan, up 2.8 percent; and the added value of the tertiary industry was 412.391 billion yuan, up 3.2 percent. The proportion of the three industries was 2.2: 57.2: 40.6, and the added value of the tertiary industry accounted for more than 40% of GDP. In terms of other major economic indicators, the added value of industries above designated size in Quanzhou increased by 3.0; the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery was 41.142 billion yuan, an increase of 1.8; the actual use of foreign capital (capital verification caliber) was 4.639 billion yuan, an increase of 5.1. It took only 7 years for Quanzhou's GDP to exceed 0.5 billion yuan in 2013 to exceed trillion yuan last year.

As an important place for China's private manufacturing industry, Quanzhou has set off again after entering the trillion-city club. On the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar this year, Quanzhou held a mobilization meeting for the development of private economy, sounding the charge to create a national private economy demonstration city. Focusing on the construction of a "famous city of Haisi and a strong manufacturing city", this year Quanzhou will start the construction of the year of private economic development, the year of improving the business environment, and the year of improving the quality of urban and rural areas. Standing at such an important historical starting point, the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference is more significant.

With the announcement of the nine lists at the summit of this annual meeting, the 16th Quanzhou Economic Annual meeting came to a successful conclusion. The list records the hard work of Quanzhou enterprises in the past year, highlighting the warm measures of government departments to serve social and economic development. The Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference summarizes and displays the advanced models and successful experiences of Quanzhou's economic construction in a timely manner, encourages entrepreneurs, cheers for doers, brings profound enlightenment to the innovation and transformation of regional industries, and saves stability and long-term development in order to promote the high-quality economic development of Quanzhou Positive energy.

This year's Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference is still closely related to the hot spots of the times, taking the pulse and promoting local economic development as its own responsibility, promoting the effective methods of innovation and transformation of Quanzhou enterprises and entrepreneurs, looking for the endogenous driving force for economic development to ride the wind and waves, and showing the success of various enterprises and institutions The case, as well as the excellent business environment and policies provided by various departments, provide direction and guidance for Quanzhou enterprises in the economic wave, especially small, especially small and micro enterprises. At the same time, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference also sincerely invites more companies to share the heavy responsibilities of the times, meet challenges, and win-win opportunities with the determination and confidence to "ride the wind and waves.

Fortitude to move forward

All parties work together to create a new situation

"Ride the wind and waves and move forward" is the theme of this annual meeting. After an extraordinary year of 2020, enterprises are actively adapting to the new environment of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and the next step is to stabilize the basic business plate, step on the pace of development, with "stability" to open up new prospects for the times.

Quanzhou has been committed to cultivating a more suitable soil for the development of private economy. In recent years, the business environment of Quanzhou enterprises has been continuously improved, which has provided assistance for the healthy and stable development of the city's economy. Policies and measures focusing on improving the business environment have been introduced one after another, innovative service alliances and organizations have been implemented one after another, and the number of new enterprises providing comprehensive services for traditional enterprises has also been increasing. Quanzhou's economic development has gained important support.

The 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference has kept relevant lists on the improvement of the business environment. For example, the popular 2020 Quanzhou City has taken ten measures to optimize the business environment with the most sense of gain. It has also set up the top ten intelligent livelihood projects in 2020 and the excellent cross-border e-commerce service enterprises in 2020. By selecting a number of service-oriented projects, it has created a stronger modern and comprehensive service development atmosphere in the whole city, through high-quality service content, it helps traditional enterprises to transition, transform and upgrade more smoothly.

In addition, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting Summit also released a list of economic figures in 2020, corporate (unit) social responsibility award in 2020, top 10 industrial Internet benchmarking enterprises in 2020, top 10 craftsman spirit enterprises (units) in 2020, top 10 masters of arts and crafts in 2020, and top 20 foreign chambers of commerce in 2020. Through the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference, this multi-party communication and exchange platform for politics, enterprises, and research, finance, shoes and clothing, textiles, food, machinery, catering, the Internet, agriculture, communications, construction, stone, scientific research service institutions, and government departments Various subjects such as extensive participation, active collaboration, and active advice and suggestions for Quanzhou's economic development.

A grand gathering once a year, and a look at the overall situation. As the weather vane of Quanzhou's economic circles every year, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference not only shows the answers of outstanding representatives in various fields, but also carries the important expectations of enterprises to study and judge the situation and enlighten the course through participation.

Review the course of transformation and look forward to the development of new opportunities. The Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference will continue to focus on industrial trends and Quanzhou's economic characteristics, publicize advanced models, successful experiences and policy measures of economic construction, and help Quanzhou's economy achieve a new round of high-quality development. (Reporter Liu Qian)

2020 Economic Figure of the Year Award Speech

Reporter Wang Yujing finishing

The past 2020 was a very extraordinary year, and ten economic figures have delivered beautiful transcripts in their respective fields. As representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs in Quanzhou, they love their jobs, dare to innovate, and seek opportunities in crisis are their common attributes at the forefront of the economic tide. In them, people feel the vigorous vitality of Quanzhou's economic fertile soil.

Chairman of Fujian Qingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Qingyuan

Locking in the Right Direction and Deepening the Green Economy

I am deeply honored to receive this honor. This is the organizers and the community of Fujian Qingyuan and my personal affirmation. Looking for the right direction, efforts will naturally pay off.

In 1996, I started Shishi Yongfeng Printing and Dyeing Company in Shanghai from the post of village party secretary, and started my first business. In 2008, facing the problems of "high energy consumption and high pollution" in the printing and dyeing industry, I led the team to promote the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, established the first demonstration base for R & D and production application of coal water slurry in Fujian Province, and established a large group company integrating printing and dyeing, chemical industry, energy production and fuel business to start a second venture. In 2021, we are striving to promote lean management, cultivate internal strength, and contribute more energy to Quanzhou's leapfrog development and economic construction.

Liu Yongping, Chairman of China Construction Fulin Group

Ingenuity to Build Guangsha Integrity to Win the Future

As an enterprise in the construction field, we know the importance of every brick and every tile. We adhere to the principle of "ingenuity and precision" for many years, always adhere to the development of green, intelligent and prefabricated buildings as the guidance, adhere to the business philosophy of people-oriented and integrity first, consolidate the industrial foundation, give full play to the advantages of talents, and constantly gain affirmation and support from all walks of life.

Strive for a new era and continue to write a new chapter. Honor belongs to the past. Standing in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", we are grateful; on the journey of achieving high-quality development in the construction industry, all Fulin people will continue to go all out to strive for a more brilliant era answer.

Chen Zhaohui, Chairman of Fujian Wanwei Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd.

Heart of awe to help industrial transformation

With this heavy trophy, I feel a little trepidation, but also deeply feel the responsibility of the future. I hope to take advantage of this opportunity to stand on a larger platform, attract and call for more peers, let us work together to achieve the landing of more digital economic application scenarios, and help industries take the lead in the market.

As a knowledge popularizer and entrepreneurial practitioner in the field of Internet digital economy, it is my honor to live in such an era. I also hope that my voice will enable more entrepreneurs not only to see what we have, but to think more about "if we don't do anything, we will lose tomorrow". In the face of science and technology, the power of human beings is very small. We walk hand in hand with awe and believe that we can climb higher mountains.

Jinjiang Haina Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Hong Yiyuan

Improving Service Quality and Deeply Cultivating Technology Innovation

The honor of "Economic Person of the Year" is not only a personal commendation and encouragement to me, but also an affirmation and commendation to our Heiner Machinery's deep cultivation in the field of sanitary equipment manufacturing. With honor and greater responsibility, we will lock in the dream of a century of Haina, and in the future we will join hands with China Telecom to build a "5G digital empowerment platform for the health products industry", using the digital economy key to open a new chapter in the innovation and manufacturing of the daily machinery industry in the post-epidemic era.

The market is changing rapidly, but innovation remains the same. In the future, Haina will continue to uphold the concept of improving service quality and deep cultivation of technological innovation, actively embrace change, and strive to contribute to the creation of an efficient, open and win-win industrial ecology.

Dai Jiatian, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the General Party Branch of Fujian Shunjing Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Carry forward the spirit of Fujian businessmen, Party building to lead development

Looking back in 2020, in the face of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, more than two thousand people in solidarity and cooperation, against the trend, adhere to no layoffs, do not cut wages, carry forward the spirit of the Fujian businessmen who dare to fight and win, and turn the crisis into an opportunity.

Looking forward to 2021, with real orders in hand and the honor of "economic person of the year", I feel extremely excited and excited. I know very well that the achievement of this honor should be grateful for the concern and love of the party committees and governments at all levels, and for the full support of all sectors of society and the company's workers. Honor only represents the past, and the future needs constant struggle. In the future, I will continue to lead the company team, take the party building as the guide, continue to play the advanced and exemplary role of party members, strengthen and expand the enterprise, and contribute my light and heat to the development of the local economy.

Huang Chunling, General Manager of Qixing Electric Co., Ltd.

R & D Leverage Demand Manufacturing Strong Service Excellence

Thank the organizers of the annual economic conference for their affirmation of me and my company. The road to entrepreneurship has never been smooth. If you want to see a better scenery, you must go through more hardships. Honesty and pragmatism, science and technology first, innovation and research and development, seeking win-win situation has become our constant magic weapon to deal with difficulties.

As a national high-tech enterprise, we have long been committed to providing power and integrated automation solutions for customers in the power industry and large industrial and mining enterprises, and high quality products all over the country. With the recognition of all sectors of society, we will continue to create value for customers in the spirit of scientific research, solve the pain points of power application scenarios, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry and the use of energy.

Huang Qingfa, General Manager of Fujian Hengfa Home Accessories Co., Ltd.

Inheriting non-heritage craft to build a world brand

Kaige forge ahead and set sail. The honorary title of "Economic Person of the Year" is not only an affirmation of myself and Hengfa Home, but also an affirmation of Anxi Home Craft Chamber of Commerce and Home Craft Culture Industry. Continue the traditional innovation, war epidemic steady production, the crisis response bureau, last year Hengfa home production value against the trend of a record high.

I am not alone in the battle. As an important pillar industry of people's livelihood in Anxi, the total output value of the household craft and culture industry exceeded 20 billion yuan last year, making outstanding contributions to the cause of poverty alleviation and adding luster to the promotion of Quanzhou's "Haisi" culture. Standing at the starting point of the new era, we will not change our initial mind and continue to make the strongest sound made by Anxi Home in the world.

Jinjiang Yuanxiang Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. (now renamed Kalmei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.) Chairman Ke Yonghong

Ingenuity, perseverance, determination to meet difficulties and keep industry

It is a great honor to receive this prestigious title. As a comprehensive sports shoes and clothing enterprise, it took us 8 years from the initial shoe and clothing contract manufacturing to becoming the agent of international brands in Asia and then to reverse acquisition to become the largest shareholder.

As an entrepreneur, it is not easy to go from the early years to the present comprehensive layout and precise force. Every time I pass a hurdle, I increase my confidence. To do industry requires ingenuity, perseverance and a determination to face difficulties. Shouldering this hard-won honor, what we have to do is to work hard to run the enterprise well, create more jobs, and add luster to a harmonious society.

Huang Jianguo, Managing Director of Fujian Minhua Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Technology Leads to Upgrade Green Benefit Society

In the past year, we have withstood the pressure and achieved contrarian growth. The achievements of the enterprise belong to all Minhua employees, and I also want to share this honor with them.

As one of the top ten enterprises in China's battery industry, we are duty-bound to lead the development of the industry. Minhua has been taking "green energy and benefit society" as its mission, actively improving the green gold content of traditional industries, constantly running on the road of industrial upgrading, taking the lead in introducing the concept of "green factory", and was awarded the title of "the first batch of green manufacturing system demonstration-green factory" by the Ministry of industry and information technology. I am grateful for this era. In the future, we will always practice technological innovation and green development model, and repay the society with practical actions.

Ye Yifeng, Chairman of Fujian Dafang Sleep Technology Co., Ltd.

R & D Helps Development Embrace Health Industry

Dafang Technology actively introduced Taiwan's MDI soft foam technology and successfully produced industry-leading MDI hydrophilic cotton materials. In 2016, we realized strategic reorganization with Hunan Mengjie Group. In 2019, we developed and launched MDI non-sensitive technology cotton series materials and established the third generation memory cotton standard system. Now generous products have become the third generation of memory cotton material leader.

Over the past few years, we have continuously broken through ourselves in the field of research and development and won recognition with innovation. In the face of greater challenges in the future, we will uphold the core values of integrity, innovation, focus and health, and move forward steadily towards the goal of becoming the world's leading brand of bedding materials, so that more consumers can have a healthy life. (in no particular order)

Fans praise the economic annual meeting online live

"Watching live broadcast on the mobile phone, you can also participate in interaction and receive red envelopes. The experience is great." "The live broadcast effect is so good, can we accept the activities of our company? How can I contact you?" "All the awards are accompanied by short videos before the awards, so that the audience can intuitively understand the nature and characteristics of the awards setting. The organizers are really willing." On the afternoon of March 26, while the annual summit of the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference was progressing in an orderly manner offline, a number of new media such as Quanzhou Network, Quanzhou Tong Client and Quanzhou Evening News conducted simultaneous live broadcasts. As of 19: 00 on March 26, Quanzhou's net had seen 84000 people and Quanzhou's mobile phone client had seen 85000 people.

Off-site Spring Merchants Watch Annual Meeting Online

At the event site, participants opened platforms such as Quanzhou Network and Quanzhou Tong Client one after another and posted live links to friends for relatives and friends to click and watch. In the chat interaction area between Quanzhou Net and Quanzhou Tong Live, the reporter saw that while watching the event, the online audience was also enthusiastically commenting, interacting, and giving out red envelopes. As the event progresses, the organizer will also synchronize the live pictures taken in real time with the chat interactive area, allowing the audience to click and download.

"Because of the epidemic prevention and control, the staff of our spring-owned off-site chamber of commerce can also watch the grand occasion of the hometown economic annual meeting in a different place, which is really heartwarming." Yesterday, a person from Quan's foreign chamber of commerce told reporters that on the live broadcast platform, the organizer has set up modules such as graphic live broadcast, chat interaction, live broadcast introduction, etc. Users can also comment on the live broadcast interface, which improves the activity of users and the communication effect of activities, and meets the diversified needs of users.

Video production exquisite by the enterprise praise

At the same time, all kinds of short videos such as the opening film, VCR of economic figures, and short film of award introduction, which were broadcast on the large screen of the economic annual meeting, also made the audience full of praise. The broadcast of each video attracted many viewers to raise their mobile phones to rip it down.

A person in charge of an enterprise said that only after watching the promotional film did he know that Quanzhou Evening News has high-definition digital network live broadcast vehicle, "5G 4K" live broadcast technology, VR production cloud platform, standard modular network studio, and big data all-media "central kitchen" which are high-rise hardware equipment, which can provide customized and high-quality services for partners.

"Our company was awarded the Top Ten Craftsman Spirit Enterprises (Units) of the Year. The boss told me to help him shoot the short film of the award introduction and the video of receiving the award on stage." In the awards session, the salesman Mr. Li took the mobile phone video and told reporters that the boss hopes to upload the award-winning video to the official website and social platforms. This is a good publicity opportunity for the company.

Behind the praise is the craftsman spirit of the Quanzhou Evening News advertising planning, video shooting and new media production team. "The promotional videos and short videos of the annual meeting are very exquisite. I can see that your team has strong planning and execution." At the scene, many people in the business industry have praised. At the same time, several enterprise leaders said that the company has a large demand for new media operation and video shooting every year, and hopes to cooperate more with Quanzhou Evening News in the future. (Reporter Chen Yunqing)

Reporter's Notes

Sixteen years of unremitting efforts and Quanzhou's economic growth

Even if we look at the whole country, there is rarely a regional economic theme event that can be held for 16 consecutive times. This may be due to the charm of Quanzhou itself, which carries the unremitting efforts of the people who grew up on this land. Because of the spring business gene that loves to fight and dare to win, Quanzhou's economy has always maintained innovation and vitality, keeping industry, taking responsibility, daring to open up, and being good at integration.

As an authoritative platform for communicating with the government, enterprises, and scientific research institutions, since 2005, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference has continued to track Quanzhou's economic and social changes, understand the dynamic changes of Quanzhou's economy, look for Quanzhou's economic model forces, participate in industrial reforms, and deeply The sense of mission helps Quanzhou's economy move forward. For more than ten years, the honor list at the previous Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference has shown not only a list, but also the idea of innovation and transformation of Quanzhou enterprises, the typical model driven by Quanzhou brands, and the changes of Quanzhou business forms.

Looking back on the past 16 years, every Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference is committed to finding direction, inspiration and way out for the current confusion faced by Quanzhou enterprises. From the first (2005) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference with the theme of "Opportunities and Challenges", to the 8th (2012) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference with the theme of "Financial Reform Opportunities and Industrial Upgrading", to the theme of "Riding the Wind and Waves" In this annual economic conference, we can clearly touch the pulse of the economy, feel the process of industrial development, and feel the footprints of urban progress.

In addition to the annual economic figures of "Ace Project", which has lasted for many years, the list set by Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference has new changes every year. According to the industry wind direction and the development needs of the times, enterprises in line with the spirit of the times, cases that inspire people to forge ahead, measures to support growth... For example: After the "Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, the 2014 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference set up ten export brand projects of "Maritime Silk Road" Sea, encourage Quanzhou enterprises to seize the historical opportunity to "go global"; at the beginning of 2015, the "Internet" action plan rose to the national strategy, and a number of Internet industrial economic parks with certain development prospects emerged in Quanzhou. The annual economic meeting of that year The top ten "Internet" economic industrial park projects were specially set up; in 2016, the term "craftsman spirit" first appeared in the government work report, the connotation of excellence, quality and quantity, and attention to details it represents is exactly what Quanzhou advocates as a manufacturing city. At the annual economic meeting of that year, the project of "the top ten richest craftsman spirit enterprises of the year" was born. In recent years, including Quanzhou, all parts of the country are deepening the reform of "release, management and service" and continuously optimizing the business environment. The annual economic meeting conforms to the needs of the times, launch of Quanzhou to optimize the business environment "the most sense of gain" ten initiatives......

This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". my country will embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and march towards the second centenary goal. In the year of the intersection and transformation of the two centenary goals, standing at the historical intersection, the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference will work hard to encourage the economy to move forward vigorously and promote the long-term development of the city with a deeper sense of mission. (Reporter Liu Qian)

Review of the Themes of Previous Quanzhou Economic Annual Meetings

● The 16th (2020) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Ride the wind and waves and move forward with determination

● The 15th (2019) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Innovation, Transformation, Steady and Far Away

● The 14th (2018) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

New era, new kinetic energy, new action

● The 13th (2017) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

New Development in the New Era

● The 12th (2016) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Power supply-side innovation to promote transformation

● The 11th (2015) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Innovation · Entrepreneurship

● The 10th (2014) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

New normal new leap

● The 9th (2013) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Innovation transformation brand driven

● The 8th (2012) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Financial Reform Opportunities and Industrial Upgrading

● The 7th (2011) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

10th anniversary of WTO accession

● The 6th (2010) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Inflation Expectations and Corporate Response

● The Fifth (2009) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Investment and Financing Opportunities of Enterprises under the Background of Economic Recovery

● The 4th (2008) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

How do spring merchants attack and win in the current situation

● The 3rd (2007) Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference

Scientific Development and Industrial Upgrading

● The 2nd (2006) Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting

Communication, harmony, win-win

● The First (2005) Annual Economic Conference of Quanzhou

opportunities and challenges

Keynote Speech

li hongjie, vice president of the fujian academy of social sciences:

Integrate into the "double cycle" to open up a new track of digital transformation

On March 26, at the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference, Li Hongjie, the vice president of the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, took "Under the new pattern of Fujian, the space of private enterprises in Quanzhou" as the theme, starting from Quanzhou's economic status in the province and "The 14th Five-Year Plan, the development of Quanzhou's private economy, and the role of Quanzhou's private enterprises under the new pattern, call on Quanzhou enterprises to establish new development coordinates, actively integrate into the new pattern of double-cycle development, actively create a new ecology of industrial development, open a new situation in the changing situation, and realize industrial leapfrog upgrading.

"Quanzhou's private economy has contributed a lot. Last year, Quanzhou's private economy added more than 820 billion yuan, ranking ninth in the country." Li Hongjie praised, "Private enterprises are indispensable. Quanzhou's private economy accounts for more than 80% of the city's GDP and taxation, and R & D and innovation, urban labor and employment, and the number of enterprises account for more than 90% of the city."

In fact, from the state to the provinces and cities, the development of the private economy has given strong support. Li Hongjie shared that in May last year, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economic System in the New Era" clearly stated that private enterprises and the private economy were raised to a new height and gave significant support. Quanzhou encourages and supports the high-quality development of the private economy, tailors the "1 N N" combination, and continues to issue policy "gift packages" for many years ".

To expand the development space of private enterprises, in Li Hongjie's view, enterprises should establish new development coordinates, including integrating into the global ecological chain, allocating high-end elements, industrial transformation and upgrading, improving the efficiency of resource allocation, and improving the ability of capital operation and organizational management. In terms of specific practices, enterprises should make clear the development roadmap, put forward phased goals and tasks, find breakthroughs and paths for transformation and upgrading, and at the same time do a good job in the three "optimizations" of industrial layout, organizational structure, and management and operation system; by mastering key industries, technologies, and fields, jump to the middle and high end of the global industrial chain and value chain, and gain a leading position in the value chain.

In exploring a new path for the construction of first-class enterprises, Li Hongjie believes that accelerating the drive of scientific and technological innovation, optimizing the allocation of resources on a global scale, and promoting green and sustainable development are the main paths. "Enterprises should innovate the construction of R & D platform, promote collaborative innovation, improve the level of networking, intelligence and standardization, and promote cross-border integration of emerging industries." He said that at the same time, we should improve the ability of transnational business development and internal and external linkage development; build overseas incubators, improve overseas brand registration, market development and after-sales service; be good at discovering potential values and opportunities, and take the lead in advance layout. "In addition, enterprises should also strive to achieve environmental friendliness and social responsibility, optimize the process route of the whole life cycle and the whole industrial chain, improve the governance ability of enterprises, and form a development mode of low consumption, low emission and high efficiency."

Under the challenge of the epidemic, enterprises should actively integrate into the new pattern of internal and external "double cycle" development. "Enterprises should participate in the construction of domestic large-scale circulation, provide high-quality products and services, and tap the potential of the scale market." Li Hongjie suggested that at the same time integrate into the international cycle, achieve complementary advantages and shared development, smooth overseas industrial chains, export high-quality products and service platforms, and enhance the status of the global value chain.

Li Hongjie said: "Digital transformation is an irreversible trend. Enterprises should make great efforts to open up a new track of digital transformation, transform from digital management to digital management, and build core differentiated competitiveness." (Reporter Huang Wenzhen)

Chen Zhaohui, Chairman of Wanwei Blockchain Technology Company:

Let consumers "consume once, will not leave"

At the scene of the annual economic meeting, Chen Zhaohui, chairman of Wanwei Block Chain Technology Company, shared with the participants his thoughts on the application of block chain technology to promote the digital upgrading of enterprises around the theme of "digital revolution, the 'must option' for the survival of enterprises.

At present, the influence of data on enterprises is no less than that of traditional production factors such as land, labor, capital and technology, and has become the fifth irreplaceable production factor. "Without data and data analysis, there is no correct and efficient operation." Chen Zhaohui believes that "in the process of enterprise digital transformation, entrepreneurs should first realize that data is the main body of decision-making, and people have become the executors of data."

Chen Zhaohui said that the purpose of digital transformation and upgrading is business model innovation and ecosystem reconstruction. Transformation is not to remove the original business, but to improve and improve the original scale. Enterprises should correctly evaluate their current position in the transformation, and evaluate the process from informatization to digitalization, networking and intelligence.

"At present, many enterprises have such a problem: if they sell their products to consumers, they will lose contact with consumers and can not continuously gain insight into the needs of consumers." Chen Zhaohui believes that ignoring users and ignoring user experience is the real crisis of enterprises. Account assets, content assets, sound assets, the three will be the most valuable assets of the enterprise in the future, they include consumers from cognition, demand, decision-making to share the complete process.

On the basis of owning the above three important assets, Chen Zhaohui believes that enterprises need to establish their own private domain traffic pool, reconstruct the ecosystem, and superimpose block chain technology in products, such as implanting chips or two-dimensional codes in products, obtaining consumption information, forming supply and demand interaction with consumers, directly connecting with consumers and solving shopping needs, thus finally solving the problem of deep stickiness of users, fans and traffic, allowing consumers to consume only once, will never leave. (Reporter Wang Yu)

Guests of the Economic Annual Meeting Teach Quanzhou Enterprises-Using Big Data to Let Consumers Send for Enterprises

Quanzhou is a big manufacturing city for private enterprises. In the current era of big data, how private enterprises can make full use of the empowerment of big data to promote the further transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become a hot topic at the annual meeting. Many industry elites and guests attending the meeting have conducted real-time interactive communication online and offline, colliding with many "sparks" of inspiration ".

Reporter Wen Wenqing/Wen Chen Xiaoyang Chen Xiaodong/Tu

Big data is the "gold mine" of Quanzhou enterprises"

Some online viewers ask questions and often hear people talk about big data, but they don't know much about what big data is. Can you explain it in a simpler and more vivid way?

In response, Chen Zhaohui, winner of Quanzhou's economic figure of the year in 2020 and chairman of Fujian Wanwei Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd., said that in fact, big data is a desktop with four corners. One is the Internet of Things, which is responsible for collecting user information. One is the block chain, which is responsible for solving the trust problem. One is cloud computing, responsible for storage and calculation; One is artificial intelligence, responsible for access functions.

Because of this, the value of acquiring a new user is also rising, from a few dollars to more than 100 dollars, and even more than 1000 dollars. In the current era of consumer sovereignty, user resources have become the most important resource for enterprises. In other words, it is an era of user activation. As enterprises, we should not sit on the "gold mine" to dig coal, but really learn to make our own products become the entrance of the link between consumers and enterprises.

"Now someone has developed a chip with a cost as low as a few cents or a few cents. If such a chip is implanted into the product, consumers can immediately get all the information about the product as long as they use their mobile phones to get close to the product, and they can place an order directly on the mall to complete the purchase." Chen Zhaohui said, "big data has completed the reach and traceability of products to consumers, making consumers become salesmen of enterprises, and each product has actually become a carrier of enterprise mall." it can help enterprises complete sales and big data portraits anytime and anywhere."

Digital technology opens up supply chains and industrial chains

Another netizen asked Li Hongjie, the guest of the annual economic conference and vice president of the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, that on the fifth day of the first lunar month this year, Quanzhou held a mobilization meeting for the development of the private economy, proposing to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry, reshape the industrial chain, supply chain, value chain, and improve competitiveness. Why should private enterprises in Quanzhou see the opportunities that the use of digital technology brings to the industrial chain and supply chain?

In this regard, Li Hongjie said, first of all, we need to understand what aspects of digital technology include, such as blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, etc.; secondly, what is the industrial chain, and the industrial chain is a connection or link between industry and industry; The third is the supply chain. The supply chain is actually from the perspective of the enterprise, including the process of raw material organization, semi-finished product manufacturing, finished products, market sales and consumers. Digital technology actually opens up the industrial chain and supply chain, so that factor resources can be fully utilized, resource optimization can be realized, and enterprises can achieve maximum output with minimal input. The reason why the safety and stability of the industrial chain is put in the first place is that if there is no safety of the industrial chain, there will be no supply chain, and there will be no embodiment of the value chain.

Going digital can start with digital marketing.

On the same day, the audience also asked questions. If in the era of big data, the focus of corporate profits has shifted, especially to services and entrances, does it mean that the manufacturing link will no longer be an important link in creating profits?

In this regard, Chen Zhaohui believes that the profits of enterprises in the future will not be created at one time. Although there can be profits in the manufacturing process, more importantly, enterprises must establish contact with users through products, create a good experience, understand consumers' good impression of the brand, lock in consumers, and constantly gain opportunities to reach consumers. Only in this way can enterprises conduct accurate marketing and obtain profit opportunities according to the accurate portrait of user data.

At the scene of the annual meeting, the person in charge of a small and medium-sized food processing enterprise said that he also had the idea of applying digital technology, but did not know which link to start?

Chen Zhaohui suggested that you can start with digital marketing. "First use digital technology to obtain good benefits from the market. Only when there are benefits can there be motivation. After obtaining benefits, the company will then start to use the blockchain traceability technology in digital technology to establish a safe food system, build a moat for the company, lock in the food safety needs of users and the high-quality needs of food materials, and improve the premium ability of products. Improve product sales and profit margins, and promote high-quality development of enterprises."


Shock opening inspiring

3D promo was guest "collection"

A large ship drawn by 3D technology broke out of the big screen and kicked off the economic annual meeting. The guests on the scene were amazed and took out their mobile phones to shoot videos and share them.

"Last year was a difficult year for enterprises, but it was also a year full of opportunities." At the scene of the annual economic meeting, Mr. Chen, who is engaged in foreign trade, said that from the export difficulties encountered at the beginning of the year, to the expansion of the domestic market and the docking with more downstream enterprises in domestic trade, the enterprises gradually launched the market, "riding the wind and waves" is very consistent with the experience of the enterprise last year, and there is an exciting feeling to see today."

"Our company has been cooperating with local sports brands for many years. Under the economic environment of last year, as an upstream foundry company, the company's performance still achieved good growth." Mr. Wang, a guest at the meeting, said that the 3D promotional video of the annual economic conference fully embodies the theme of "riding the wind and breaking the waves", which is very encouraging. He took a video and shared it with the company's management, hoping that with the joint efforts of employees, the company will have new development this year. (Wang Yu)

Friends circle "brush screen" relatives and friends warm interaction

Entrepreneurs become off-site live "host"

Under the normal epidemic prevention and control, this year's Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference will continue to take strict control of the participants of the epidemic prevention and control measures. In spite of this, people's enthusiasm for "attending the meeting" still cannot be stopped. Many citizens share the "feast" of Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference through live channels such as Quanzhou Tong, Quanzhou Network and Shake Voice, and share live links with relatives and friends in the circle of friends and make comments on "attending the meeting.

The reporter looked at the circle of friends and found that the relevant information of Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting has been "screened". "The 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference is about to begin" "Riding the wind and waves, moving forward with determination, and praising the Quanzhou industry" "The award ceremony is about to begin" ...... On the same day, every time an agenda was reached at the Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference, an entrepreneur sent it to the circle of friends, and distributed a live link to interact with relatives and friends who made comments ". (Huang Wenzhen)

Actively strive for admission tickets

Mu Ming came to absorb "nutrients"

In order to do a better job in prevention and control, the number of participants in this "Economic Annual meeting" is limited, but there are still many admiring entrepreneurs actively contacting the organizers to win admission tickets.

"It was very shocking to come here for the first time." Wang Xialan, the person in charge of Yongchun Songxing Ceramics, said that he was the vice chairman of the Quanzhou Enterprise Federation and was fortunate to get the admission ticket. I am very glad that at the annual meeting, we can not only hear the high-level analysis speech of macro-economy, but also further listen to understand the application possibility of block chain technology in e-commerce platform and other scenarios. She believes that if an entrepreneur wants to keep an enterprise evergreen, he must have the learning ability to understand the latest information, and more importantly, he must have the ability to persevere in innovation. "I look forward to continuing to participate in the annual meeting in the coming year to obtain" nutrients '."

Mr. Lin is engaged in mechanical work, and it is also the first time for him to sit on the scene of the "Economic Annual meeting. To his surprise, it turns out that so many outstanding companies and institutions have won awards from the conference. "The setting of each award has its great background significance." He said that because of the platform of the annual meeting, more outstanding companies also have more voice opportunities and better play a leading role in the industry. "I am very excited. We will continue to work hard to run a business and look forward to participating in these excellent awards with good results in the coming year." He said. (Wang Yujing)

World China Games Appears at Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting

Just past 2020, Quanzhou handed over a "trillion cities" beautiful answer sheet; new open 2021, for Quanzhou is still a significant year, many major events are about to happen: the sea silk international art festival, the southern Fujian cultural festival, the application of the world heritage, the world's transport ...... these events, each of which is very important, each of which is inspiring. Among them, there is especially one major event that will make Quanzhou attract the attention of the whole world, that is, the 18th World Middle School Games to be held in Jinjiang City this year.

At the annual summit of the 2020 Quanzhou Economic Annual Conference held on the afternoon of the 26th, the promotion video of the 18th World Middle School Games was grandly unveiled. The World Games Preparatory Committee took advantage of the Economic Annual Conference, a heavyweight authoritative platform for the Quanzhou business community, to invite many Excellent units, organizations, enterprises, and individuals that have contributed to Quanzhou's economy in the past year have worked together to host this grand event.

The 18th World Summer Games for Middle School students is the second time that China has hosted the event after the 11th World Games for Middle School students held in Shanghai in 1998, and it is the first international comprehensive event held in Fujian Province. it has created a precedent for county-level cities across the country to host large-scale international comprehensive events. This event has a younger audience, great consumption potential, high preparation specifications, sufficient attention, large scale, wide coverage, wide media attention, and high publicity value. At present, all 30 competition venues have been completed and put into use, and all preparatory work has been basically completed. From May onwards, 18 test matches will be held one after another.

The World Games Preparatory Committee sincerely invites more economic participants to gather outstanding brand strength with an attitude of excellence to jointly organize a wonderful World Games. (Reporter Liu Qian)