Caring for employees and paying attention to health-the company organized a smooth health check-up for employees in July.

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The physical and mental health of employees is related to the quality construction of the enterprise team.,It is related to the power source of enterprise development. To protect and promote the health of employees,Stimulate work enthusiasm,Enhance enterprise cohesion,To build a harmonious internal environment, our company is in.2021Year7Month7No.7Month13No.Organize all employees to conduct an annual routine physical examination.


The physical examination includes: height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index, blood collection room blood, blood routine blood cell analysis18item, hepatitis B two-and-a-half test, chest fluoroscopy under TVWaiting for multiple inspections. At present, all employees of the company have completed the medical examination project.


(Physical examination site I)




(Physical examination site II)



(Physical examination site three)



(Physical examination site four)



(Physical examination site 5)