In July 2021, Dehua Jiuxianshan held a mid-year business & sales conference and outdoor expansion activities

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10 July to 11 July,InCompanyLed by leader Huang Chunling,40Remaining nameBusiness management and sales staffInDehua Jiuxian MountainCarry outIgnite passion,Create Brilliantas the theme of the mid-year business& Sales Conference & Outdoor Outreach. The purpose of this activity is to summarize half a year's work experience, make better plans for the work in the second half of the year, look forward to the future, strengthen communication between teams, and increase sales (external) and functional departments (internal) The interaction between departments to strengthen coordination, improve work efficiency,Further cohesion team strength,andEnhance personal physique, challenge self-ability, cultivate the team spirit of facing difficulties, daring to do, and going forward bravely.

Sales meeting one


Sales Meeting II



Bonfire Activities-

bonfireActivity II


Drifting activity one


Drifting Activity II


Drifting activity three


Jiuxianshan Mountain Climbing Activity 1


Jiuxianshan Mountain Climbing Activity II


Nine Immortals Mountain Climbing Activities III


Nine Immortals Mountain Climbing Activities IV


Jiuxian Mountain Climbing Activities V