On December 24, 2021, the company undertook the activity of "Changtai street fire safety into enterprises"

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In order to effectively improve the fire safety awareness, fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capabilities of enterprise employees,12Month24in the morning,Quanzhou Changtai Sub-district Office and District Fire Rescue BrigadeComeBenCompany, to carry out fire safety knowledge trainingand on-site drills.


Walkthroughthe scene,Fire RescueBased on recent fire cases, the staff of the brigade used easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember language to explain to the trainees in detail fire hazards, fire hazard investigation, how to fight the initial fire, how to organize personnel to escape from the fire, evacuate, rescue and mutual rescue, etc. Fire knowledge. At the same time, introduce the principle of fire extinguisher, inspection attention points and use methods, etc., and demonstrate hand-in-hand on the spot to further improve the ability of escape and self-rescue and the ability to calmly respond to fire emergencies.



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