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10kV ring main unit

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10kV ring main unit

  SS series SF6 ring network switch cabinet (SSC common box type, SSU expandable unit combination type) is widely used in indoor and outdoor switch stations, box type substations, residential areas, various office buildings, commercial centers, buildings, workshops and other 12 / 24kV distribution networks. The product is fully sealed, fully insulated and maintenance free.
  This product conforms to the standards of gb11022, GB3906, gb3804 and iec60420.
Product introduction

Main features

★The load switch adopts SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium
★The circuit breaker adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas insulation
★The operating mechanism is spring operating mechanism
★Automatic interface
★It is equipped with shielded detachable connector
★It has "five prevention" function
★The cable room has an observation window
★It is equipped with safety pressure relief device
★The panel type short circuit / ground fault indicator is optional
★The outer box is made of high quality stainless steel and can be painted with corresponding patterns

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