SVQC Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation and Voltage Optimization Device for Substation

The product is a new type of intelligent compensation device developed to solve the problems of traditional passive compensation switching high-voltage shunt capacitor banks. The device combines high-voltage permanent magnet switching technology, switching phase angle control technology, filtering compensation technology, voltage reactive power control technology and advanced communication technology, which is mainly used in centralized compensation of substations, and can effectively solve the problems of capacitor bank operating overvoltage, impact current, poor real-time reactive power compensation, harmonics, voltage fluctuations and so on.<br />By accurately controlling the on-time of three single-phase vacuum permanent magnet circuit breakers, the device realizes that the capacitor bank is put into the zero-crossing point of the voltage, without impact current and overvoltage, and the capacitor bank is disconnected at the zero-crossing point of the current, without overvoltage and small arc. Due to the realization of zero-crossing switching, frequent action can be supported, and the electrical life of the switch is greatly extended. At the same time, the device can adopt tuning design or detuning design to suppress or absorb harmonics and eliminate the adverse effects of harmonics on the compensation device and system.

Key words:

SVQC Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation and Voltage Optimization Device for Substation

Product Description

Main functional features

★Automatic capacity and pressure regulation function
★Capacitor bank zero-crossing switching monitoring function
★Microcomputer protection function of capacitor bank
★Locking function
★Event recording, storage and statistical functions
★Operation mode adaptive function
★Meet the functional requirements of "five prevention"
★The busbar in the cabinet is treated by heat shrinkage.


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