10kV KYN28 HV switchgear

KYN28A-12 armored removable AC metal enclosed switchgear is a complete set of power distribution equipment for 3.6-12kV three-phase AC 50HZ single bus and bus section system. It is mainly used for power plants, small and medium-sized generators, power distribution of industrial and mining enterprises and substations of power systems, power transmission and large high-voltage motor starting, etc., to achieve control protection and monitoring.

Key words:

10kV KYN28 HV switchgear

Product Description

Main functional features

★The cabinet shell is highly sealed, and the protection grade is IP4X. When the circuit breaker chamber door is fully opened, the protection grade is IP2X.
★Meet the requirements of "five prevention"
★Flexible installation methods
★The cabinet shell is covered with aluminum and zinc steel plate, which has high mechanical strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Ordering Instructions

★Main wiring scheme diagram number, purpose and single line system diagram, rated parameters
★Layout Plan of Power Distribution Room and Arrangement and Configuration Plan of Switch Cabinet
★Functional requirements for control, measurement and protection
★Model, specification and quantity of main internal electrical components
★If bus bridge connection is required, the rated current carrying capacity, span, ground clearance and other parameters of bus bridge shall be provided.
★When used in a special environment, it should be described in detail.
★Other special requirements


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