GCK low-voltage switchgear

GCK low-voltage withdrawable switchgear consists of power distribution center (PC) cabinet and motor control center (MCC). The product is suitable for AC 50(60)HZ, rated working voltage is less than or equal to 660V, rated current 4000A and below the control and distribution system, as power distribution, motor control and lighting and other power distribution equipment.<br />The whole cabinet adopts assembled combination structure, module hole installation, parts versatility, good applicability, high degree of standardization. The upper part of the cabinet is a bus room, the front part is an electrical room, and the rear part is a cable inlet and outlet room. The top part can be equipped with a bus bridge according to power needs. Each room is separated by steel plate or insulating plate to ensure safety.<br />The door of the drawer compartment of MCC cabinet is mechanically interlocked with the operating handle of the circuit breaker or isolating switch, and the door can be opened only when the handle is in the breaking position. The receiving switch, connecting switch and drawer of MCC cabinet have three positions: on position, test position and off position.<br />Products in line with IEC60439-1, G87251.1, GB/T14048.1 and other standards.

Key words:

GCK low-voltage switchgear

Product Description

Main functional features

★High breaking capacity and good dynamic thermal stability
★Advanced and reasonable structure, flexible electrical scheme
★Series, strong versatility
★Small footprint, high protection level
★Safe and reliable, easy maintenance


Ordering Instructions

★Primary circuit scheme number, equipment model, capacity and single-line system diagram
★Secondary Circuit Schematic Diagram
★Arrangement drawing of switchgear and layout plan of distribution room
★Main bus specification
★Switch cabinet surface color
★Other special requirements


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