XGZ intelligent low-voltage integrated distribution box

The product integrates low-voltage power distribution, power distribution, power distribution protection, data acquisition, power metering, load monitoring, low-voltage lightning protection, harmonic analysis, event recording, street lamp control, and reactive power compensation. The performance is stable and reliable. It can be widely used in the intelligent upgrading and transformation of ordinary low-voltage comprehensive distribution boxes of urban and agricultural low-voltage power grids, as well as low-voltage power distribution, reactive power compensation, electricity metering, operation management, and load assessment of municipal, garden residential quarters, and distribution network automation projects.<br />Products in line with GB7251.1, IEC60439- 1 and other standards.

Key words:

XGZ intelligent low-voltage integrated distribution box

Product Description

Main functional features

★With online real-time monitoring function
★Strong breaking capacity and good dynamic thermal stability
★Low-voltage lightning protection function
★The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel plate, with good mechanical strength
★Protection class not less than IP33
★Enables wireless or GPRS data transmission
★Reactive power compensation can realize zero switching, and the function of sub-compensation and co-compensation is complete.
★Leakage protection function can be realized

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