QXZWI port -10/630 user demarcation permanent magnet circuit breaker

The product is suitable for the boundary between 10kV overhead distribution line and users (including temporary users) of 10kV neutral point ungrounded (Type I), grounded by arc suppression coil (Type II) or grounded by low resistance (Type II) system. It is mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system, and at the same time as the single-phase grounding protection at the user boundary. This product is used in conjunction with the control device to meet the requirements of the distribution automation system.<br />The product introduces foreign advanced monostable permanent magnet control technology, each phase is equipped with a set of driving device, the three phases are linked by the synchronous shaft, the mechanical moving parts are simple and compact, and the reliability is greatly improved compared with the elastic operation structure. The electrical life of the switch can reach more than 30000 times.<br />Products in line with GB1984, IEC62271-100 and other standards.

Key words:

QXZWI port -10/630 user demarcation permanent magnet circuit breaker

Product Description

Main functional features

★Excellent mechanical properties
★Long electrical life
★Aviation plug connection with automation interface
★Automatic removal of single-phase earth fault
★Automatic disconnection of phase-to-phase short circuit fault
★Quickly locate fault lines
★Real-time monitoring of user load
★Small size, light weight, maintenance-free

Ordering Instructions

★Name, model, quantity and rated parameters
★Installation method
★CT transformation ratio
★Other special functional requirements


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