35kV ZW7 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW7-40.5 type vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 40.5kV outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment, mainly used for outdoor 35kV power transmission and distribution system control and protection.<br />The product is equipped with a spring operating mechanism or electromagnetic operating mechanism, which can be remote-controlled electric opening and closing, and can also be stored manually on the spot. The overall structure is a porcelain pillar type, the upper porcelain bottle is equipped with a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, and the lower porcelain bottle is a pillar porcelain bottle. It is suitable for places where 35kV power transmission and distribution system is frequently operated.<br />The product has the characteristics of good sealing, anti-aging, high pressure resistance, no combustion, no explosion, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance.<br />Products comply with GB1984 and IEC62271-100 standards.

Key words:

35kV ZW7 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Product Description

Main functional features

★Vacuum arc extinguishing, strong breaking ability, long electrical life
★Simple structure, long maintenance cycle
★Good insulation performance, strong anti-pollution ability
★Can be equipped with spring or electromagnetic operating mechanism, reliable mechanical performance
★Equipped with current transformer, accuracy of 0.2, can realize three-phase interactive protection
★Condensation controller is installed in the mechanism room


Ordering Instructions

★Name, model, quantity and rated parameters
★Operating mechanism
★CT transformation ratio and accuracy
★Other special functional requirements

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