10kV FLW port SF6 load switch

FLW port -12/port 630-20 load switch is suitable for 10kV overhead distribution lines. SF6 gas is used as insulation and arc extinguishing medium. It uses compressed air arc extinguishing principle and simple Toggle Mechanism operating mechanism, with simple structure and high reliability. It is mainly used for the load current and closing short-circuit current in the power system.<br />The product adopts a fully sealed form, the operating mechanism is sealed in SF6 gas, and the mechanical life is long.<br />Products have manual, electric, intelligent three configuration forms.<br />The product conforms to GB3804 "3.6 kV-40.5kV high voltage AC load switch" and GB11022 "common technical requirements of high voltage switchgear and control equipment standard".

Key words:

10kV FLW port SF6 load switch

Product Description

Main functional features

★SF6 compressed air type arc extinguishing
★Plum-shaped copper-tungsten alloy contact
★Intelligent configuration with built-in CT and voltage sensor
★Quick split and quick close operating mechanism is simple and reliable
★With low pressure protection function
★With high pressure explosion protection function
★With electrical and mechanical locking function


Ordering Instructions

★Name, model, quantity and rated parameters
★Installation method
★Configuration form
★Other special functional requirements

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