FZW28 vacuum load switch

FZW28-12 type vacuum load switch is used for rated voltage 12kV, rated current 630A, three-phase AC 50Hz overhead lines, with manual and automatic operation functions. This switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas insulation. It is mainly used for the load current and closing short-circuit current in the power system.<br />The product consists of three parts: switch body, control device and connecting cable.<br />The product conforms to GB3804 "3.6 kV-40.5kV high voltage AC load switch" and GB11022 "common technical requirements of high voltage switchgear and control equipment standard".

Key words:

FZW28 vacuum load switch

Product Description

Main functional features

★The top of the box is equipped with explosion-proof device, high safety performance
★The operating mechanism is sealed in SF6 gas, and the mechanism is designed for maintenance-free
★Flexible installation method, optional lifting and seating
★With automatic power distribution interface

Ordering Instructions

★Name, model, quantity and rated parameters
★Installation method
★Outlet mode
★Other special functional requirements

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