10kV SSOD-12/630-20 Disconnector

Products are mainly used in AC 12kV/24kV, 50Hz power system, no-load live high-voltage line switching and isolation, the maintenance of high-voltage bus, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment for electrical isolation, widely used in electric power, railways, mines, oil fields, enterprises and other fields.<br />Products comply with GB1985 "AC voltage isolation switch and grounding switch", GB/T11022 "high voltage switchgear common technical requirements", IEC282.2, IEC787 "high voltage isolation switch" and other standards.

Key words:

10kV SSOD-12/630-20 Disconnector

Product Description

Main functional features

★Self-locking single-phase structure
★Outdoor epoxy resin insulation pillar, good insulation performance
★Easy installation and operation
★Long life

Ordering Instructions

★Base material
★Rated current parameters

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