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10kV ssoc-12 drop out fuse

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10kV SSOC- 12跌落式熔断器

10kV ssoc-12 drop out fuse

Ssoc series outdoor drop out fuses are mainly used in 10kV AC power system for overload and short circuit protection of transmission line and power transformer, capacitor bank and rated current of opening and closing, as well as outdoor load switch. The products provide safe and reliable over-current protection for primary distribution system with reasonable structure, excellent performance and reliable quality.
The products meet the standard of gb15166.3 (AC high voltage fuse, jet fuse).
10kV SSOC- 12跌落式熔断器
Product introduction

Main features

★Step by step exhaust at the lower end
★Full range fault current protection
★Maintenance free
★Stable mechanism characteristics
★The fusion tube is designed to resist ultraviolet radiation
★The fuse is easy to install and disassemble
★The antifouling grade reaches grade IV

Ordering instructions

★Rated current
★Fuse specifications
★Creepage distance
★Exhaust mode

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