10kV SSOC-12 drop fuse

SSOC series outdoor drop fuse is mainly used in AC 10kV power system, used for overload and short circuit protection of transmission lines and power transformers, capacitor banks and split rated current, and can also be used as outdoor load switch. Products with reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable quality for a distribution system to provide a safe and reliable over-current protection.<br />The product conforms to GB15166.3 (AC high voltage fuse, jet fuse) standard.

Key words:

10kV SSOC-12 drop fuse

Product Description

Main functional features

★Lower end exhaust or step-by-step exhaust
★Full range of fault current protection
★Stable mechanism characteristics
★Molten tube designed for UV resistance
★Easy installation and disassembly of fuse
★Anti-fouling grade up to IV

Ordering Instructions

★Rated current
★Fuse Specifications
★Creepage specific distance
★Exhaust mode

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