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35kV drop out fuse

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35kV drop out fuse

35kV drop out fuse is widely used in 25kV, 40.5kV high voltage overhead line system. It is mainly used for short circuit and overload protection of distribution transformer. Under certain conditions, it can break and close no-load transformer and small load overhead line.
This product consists of insulator, fuse pipe and other parts. The insulator is made of silicon rubber material; the melting tube is made of new material and non organic pipe wall arc suppression material, and the surface of the melting tube is coated with a special anti ultraviolet coating to prevent the aging of the melting tube; the upper and lower contacts are made of bronze alloy, and the surface is silver plated to ensure the thermal diffusion area, and the conductive part is silver to silver contact. All spring parts of this product are made of stainless steel.
The fuse meets the standards of GB 15166.3, ESB 151-095 and ANSI c37.42.
Product introduction

Main features

★One way gas jet structure
★Full range current protection
★Maintenance free design
★Stable mechanism characteristics
★The fusion tube is designed to resist ultraviolet radiation
★The fuse is easy to install and disassemble
★The antifouling grade is II

Ordering instructions

★Base material
★Rated current parameters

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