0.22-220kV arrester

Composite jacket oxide lightning arrester using electrical corrosion resistance, anti-aging, good elasticity, high mechanical strength of silicone rubber as the insulating jacket, nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics of excellent zinc oxide resistor as the core, the implementation of one-time injection molding, focusing on the advantages of organic composite insulation and zinc oxide resistor both.<br />It is mainly used for overvoltage protection of power station and transmission and distribution lines, distribution equipment, generator and motor, so as to protect the equipment from lightning overvoltage and overvoltage.<br />Products comply with GB11032 standards

Key words:

0.22-220kV arrester

Product Description

Product category

★Power station type and distribution type arrester
★Lightning arrester for line
★Lightning arrester for motor
★Lightning arrester for parallel compensation capacitor
★Lightning arrester for neutral point

Main functional features

★Fast action, flat volt-ampere characteristics, low residual pressure, reliable operation
★Large flow capacity
★Outstanding anti-fouling performance
★Light weight, easy installation
★Long service life


Ordering Instructions

★Name, model and specification
★Discharge gap requirements
★Optional stripper, online monitor
★Other special requirements


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