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0.22-220kv arrester

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0.22- -220kV避雷器

0.22-220kv arrester

The composite oxide arrester is made of silicone rubber with high electrical resistance, aging resistance, good elasticity and high mechanical strength as the insulation jacket. The Zinc Oxide varistor with excellent nonlinear volt ampere characteristics is used as the core, and it is implemented by one-time injection molding, which concentrates the advantages of organic composite insulation and Zinc Oxide electrical resistance film.
It is mainly used for over-voltage protection of power station, transmission and distribution lines, power distribution equipment, generator and generator, so as to protect equipment from lightning over-voltage and switching over-voltage.
The product meets the standard of GB11032
0.22- -220kV避雷器
Product introduction

Product category

★Power station type and distribution type arresters
★Line arrester
★Motor arrester
★Lightning arrester for parallel compensation capacitor
★Neutral point arrester

Main features

★Quick action, flat volt ampere characteristic, low residual voltage and reliable operation
★Large flow capacity
★Outstanding antifouling performance
★Light weight and easy installation
★Long service life


Ordering instructions

★Name, model and specification
★Requirements for discharge gap
★Separation device and on-line monitor are selected
★Other special requirements


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