10-550kV high voltage composite insulator

The high-voltage composite insulator adopts silicone rubber integral injection molding, which has good hydrophobicity and excellent insulation performance. Through synchronous crimping, the hardware has uniform plastic deformation and stable interface characteristics. The unique mandrel automatic positioning process ensures uniform sheath thickness.<br />It is suitable for transmission and distribution lines in salt spray areas, high altitude areas, heavily polluted areas, severe cold areas, and high temperature and humidity areas.<br />The product conforms to GB/T19519 standard.

Key words:

10-550kV high voltage composite insulator

Product Description

Product category

★10-550kV Suspension Composite Insulator
★10-110kV cross arm composite insulator
★10- 35kV Post Composite Insulator
★10kV Pin-type Composite Insulator

Main functional features

★Stable mechanical properties
★Long service life
★Light weight, easy installation
★Strong anti-fouling flashing ability


Ordering Instructions

★Name, model, specification and technical parameters
★Configuration requirements of equating ring
★Other special requirements

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