10kV cold shrink indoor terminal

By silicone rubber injection, high temperature vulcanization molding, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral support. During on-site installation, the product is sleeved at the end of the treated cable, the plastic spiral strip supported inside is pulled out, and the cable accessory is formed by pressing it on the cable insulation. It is mainly used for the connection between 10kV cable and equipment, and is widely used in various fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway port and construction.

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10kV cold shrink indoor terminal

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★It has excellent anti-creepage, anti-pollution and anti-ultraviolet aging performance, and has self-extinguishing ability after the open flame leaves.
★With excellent insulation and high elasticity, it maintains radial pressure on the cable after installation, thereby ensuring interface characteristics.
★Through the built-in geometric stress control unit, the problem of electric field stress concentration at the stripping of the semi-conductive layer of the cable is effectively solved, the stress unit and the insulation layer are combined into one, the installation can be completed by one contraction, and the installation operation is simple.
★The unique rain skirt interval design increases the creepage distance of the product, improves the anti-pollution flashover ability, and meets the Ⅳ pollution environment.


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