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ZW20-user demarcation circuit breaker

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ZW20-user demarcation circuit breaker

ZW20-12/24 vacuum circuit breaker is an outdoor distribution equipment with rated voltage 12KV, three-phase AC 50HZ. It is mainly used to open and close the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system, and also used as single-phase grounding protection of vacuum circuit breaker. The product is used with the control device to meet the requirements of distribution automation system.
The product is composed of switch body, control device and connecting cable.
The product conforms to GB1984, IEC62271-100 and other standards.
Product introduction

Main functional features

★Three-phase common box structure
★Vacuum arc extinguishing, SF6 gas insulation
★Adopting silica gel sleeve, high climbing point than distance
★CT ratio can be adjusted directly by transfer switch
★It can be either lifted or mounted
★Airline plug connection, with automatic interface
★Automatic excision of single-phase ground fault
★Automatic disconnection of phase-to-phase short circuit fault
★Quickly locate the fault line
★Real-time monitoring of user load

Three, ordering instructions

★Number of products and rated parameters
★CT ratio
★Installation method
★Other special function configuration

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