Separable connector (rear fitting)

The prefabricated built-in shielding layer is adopted, the insulation layer is injected again, and the outer shielding layer is sprayed afterwards, which is composed of three layers. During installation, extrusion installation is adopted, and full sealing is realized through interference fit. The product has compact structure, small space, can be charged to touch, no insulation distance requirements, can achieve full insulation, full sealing, full shielding safety requirements. It is mainly used for the connection of 10kV transformers, switches and cable branch boxes, and is widely used in various fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway ports and construction.

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Separable connector (rear fitting)

Product Description

Product Features

★Advanced post-injection insulation layer process, higher electrical performance indicators, the use of more safe and reliable.
★3mm thick uniform outer shielding layer, grounding resistance less than 100 Ω, to ensure reliable grounding.
★Through the combination of connectors, the cable outlet mode is diversified. At the same time, the product is 100mm shorter than the traditional connector connection of the same type, which fully meets the installation space requirements and further reduces the size of the equipment box.
★The geometric structure of the stress control unit and the configuration of the inner shielding layer to alleviate the electric field concentration, the installation, the use of extrusion installation, through the interference fit, to achieve full insulation, full sealing.


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