1-35kV Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Silicone rubber cable accessories are through the built-in geometry of the stress control unit to effectively solve the problem of electric field stress concentration at the stripping of the cable semiconductor layer, the stress control unit and the insulation layer composite as a whole.Using the good elasticity of silicone rubber, the interference fit between the accessories and the cable core insulation ensures the close combination between the cable core insulation and the accessories, thereby ensuring the interface characteristics.The external insulation of the silicone rubber cable accessories is designed to meet the Class IV pollution environment. The unique rain skirt interval design not only increases the creepage ratio of the product, but also improves its ability to prevent pollution flashover.Products comply with GB/T 12706-2008, GB/T 11017-2002, IEC 60502:2005, IEC 60840:2004 and other standards.

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1-35kV Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Product Description

Product category

★1-35KV XLPE insulated power cable cold shrink indoor terminal
★1-35KV XLPE insulated power cable cold shrink outdoor terminal
★1-35KV XLPE insulated power cable cold shrink intermediate joint
★10-20KV Shielded Separable Connector

Main functional features

★Advanced prefabrication and expansion technology
★Unique climbing structure
★Unique electrical stress control unit design
★Convenient arrangement


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