6-10kV zinc oxide arrester (add multi-gel arrester)

This product model is prepared according to JB/T8459-1996 "Method for Preparation of Lightning Arrester Product Model". The non-gap product shall implement the standard of GB11032-2000 "AC Non-gap Metal Oxide Arrester". The gap product shall implement JB/T9672-2005 "Metal Oxide Arrester with Series Gap" standard. Important parameters and configuration methods not clearly defined in the above standards shall be revised according to the requirements of DL/T620-1997 Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination for AC Electrical Installations.

Key words:

6-10kV zinc oxide arrester (add multi-gel arrester)

Product Description

Conditions of use

The normal use conditions of regular products are as follows:
★Ambient temperature: not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than -40 ℃;
★Altitude: not more than 2000m;
★Power frequency: 50±2Hz;60±2Hz;
★Earthquake intensity: below 7 degrees;
★Maximum wind speed: 35 m/s;
★Cleaning-free conditions: moderately dirty and below areas;
★For products without gaps, the power frequency voltage applied for a long time shall not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the lightning arrester;
★For products with gaps, the short-term power frequency voltage rise at the installation point shall not exceed the rated voltage of the lightning arrester.

For long-term use under the following abnormal conditions, the arrester shall be specially manufactured and shall be specified when ordering:
★Excessive temperature or altitude (plateau, tropical zone, cold zone, fully enclosed cabinet, near electric furnace, etc.)
★There are serious moisture or corrosive gas impurities in the service environment (water, salt field, chemical plant, etc.);
★Strong ultraviolet radiation (plateau, strong sunshine arid area, etc.);
★Heavy pollution areas (mine working face, construction site working face, etc.).

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