10kV composite pillar grounding ring

With the progress of urban and rural power grid transformation technology, more insulated wires with safe and reliable operation are used for 10KV distribution network lines. The 10KV Composite Pillar Grounding Ring is integrally injection molded with silicone rubber, which has good hydrophobicity and excellent insulation performance. Special fittings are used to cooperate with puncture clamps. The fittings are uniformly plastic deformed by synchronous crimping technology, and the interface characteristics are stable.This product adopts pillar type composite insulator combined with puncture wire clamp and grounding ring, which can completely solve the risks of distortion, deformation, strand loss and even disconnection of high-voltage lead wire caused by hanging, dismantling and grounding wire, and will not bury potential safety hazards due to poor contact between grounding ring and high-voltage lead wire caused by hanging and dismantling grounding wire during power failure and maintenance.The product does not need to peel off the wire insulation, easy and reliable installation, greatly facilitate the short-circuit grounding wire and personal protection grounding wire hooking during power construction, effectively prevent sudden calls from equipment and lines, eliminate induced voltage, and discharge the remaining charge to the operator.

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10kV composite pillar grounding ring

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