Electronic clairvoyance

Our company is the first to develop the most stable fault monitoring system in China. The technical advancement and reliability of this product ranks first in China, and it has been put into operation in the south network of the State Grid. Welcome to the user site. The company produces one remote, two remote and three remote fault monitoring terminals. It can accurately detect line short-circuit fault, ground fault, overcurrent, power failure, power transmission, and can detect line load current, fault current, temperature, etc. Greatly improve the reliability of power supply. Reduce blackout time.Welcome to visit the company, the company's technology and scale are ranked first in the country, the strength of the R & D center, advanced conditions of the experimental center, large-scale production center, technical personnel with 20 years of power line fault detection technology and on-site experience accumulation, others can not exceed the strength, aimed at providing a real domestic can quickly find the fault point of the automation system.

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Electronic clairvoyance

Product Description

  1. technical advantages


SSD distribution network status sensing unit breaks through the traditional analog fault indicator technology, realizes digitization, integrates the practical functions of standard FTU, and adopts quantitative short-circuit fault detection method to monitor the load current, short-circuit fault current and line-to-ground insulation of each point of the line and report it to the main station system in real time, thus greatly improving the accuracy of short-circuit and ground fault detection. The monitor and data transmission and control unit are easy to install, without power failure, PT and CT, and can be installed at any point on the line. The installation point with on-column switch can realize two-remote or three-remote function, and the installation point without on-column switch can realize two-remote function.
ZigBee digital wireless automatic networking technology is adopted locally, GPRS/CDMA/3G network or optical fiber communication is adopted, and low-power digital relay unit independently developed by our company can be used for blind areas without public network signals. Areas covered by electric power optical fibers can be directly docked or accessed after digital small wireless relay. Convenient debugging and simple maintenance.

2. Technology Development and Upgrading Strategy

With the popularization of optical fiber, the time interval density of terminal real-time acquisition increases, which requires the system to be easily upgraded to full-function distribution network automation to meet the three remote functions. The strategy is as follows:
1, SSD distribution network status sensing unit has load monitoring, short-circuit alarm, ground fault information close transmission to the relay station and other advantages, no need to upgrade, only life cycle rotation.
2. The data transmission and control unit cooperates with the master station. Since GPRS transmission is adopted, considering the communication cost, the mode of packaged timing transmission and over-limit instant transmission is adopted, which is the primary two-remote function. In the future, with the laying of special networks such as optical fibers in place, it can be switched to real-time transmission. Standard telemetry and remote signaling functions can be implemented for the load and displacement information of SSD distribution network status sensing units. The reserved interfaces and terminals can also realize remote signaling, telemetry and remote control functions for switches. Upgrade does not need to modify the main equipment of the existing device, only need to change the local can upgrade.
3. The system is embedded in the power distribution GPMS and shares the same wiring graphic support platform, which can be operated separately or integrated with the SCADA system.
4. The self-checking function is added to the main station system, and whether the system is working normally is judged by detection, and the abnormality can automatically alarm.

3. application prospect

The field operation shows that the system can accurately determine the fault section after the fault, greatly reduce the power failure time and improve the reliability of power supply. More importantly, the system can telemeter the current size and storage and management, to achieve a wide range of points of the distribution network equipment operation information visualization, for scientific scheduling and fault monitoring provides a basis.
Compared with the traditional distribution automation terminal equipment (such as DTU, FTU, etc.), the design of the system meets the requirements of live installation and debugging, and can complete the installation and debugging of all equipment without power failure. The SSD distribution network state sensing unit is installed directly using the operating lever. The data transmission and control unit is directly installed on the tower near the corresponding SSD distribution network status sensing unit, and its power supply is powered by a solar power generation system. PT does not need to be installed, and there is no direct electrical connection with the primary line. It is not only convenient to install, but also does not add hidden trouble to the primary equipment. Moreover, the construction period is short, the investment is small, and the effect is quick.
In the means of communication, the system uses the ready-made GPRS public communication network, the cost is lower than the commonly used optical fiber communication, for the power supply bureau, is a maintenance-free system, greatly reducing the construction of the communication network and daily maintenance costs.
To sum up, based on SSD distribution network state sensing unit and distribution network fault monitoring auxiliary system, it has the functions of current measurement, short-circuit grounding fault discrimination, switch signal and alarm information centralized upload analysis and processing, and has reached the practical two remote functions. It realizes visual monitoring of distribution line operation and is convenient to upgrade in the future. It is an ideal practical scheme.

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