Electric type dehumidifier

Drainage type dehumidifier is used for gas dehumidification device, used in various terminal boxes, power distribution cabinets, switch cabinets, etc., dehumidification device refrigeration part, the use of semiconductor refrigerator, so the device has a small size, light weight and other characteristics.Ordinary heating dehumidifier is to raise the ambient temperature so that more water can be contained in the air, thus preventing water vapor from condensing in the frame. But in fact, the moisture in the air has been staying in the air, but when the ambient temperature drops sharply, the moisture will condense on the surface of the electrical equipment, and the electrical equipment still has a greater risk. This switch cabinet dehumidifier condenses the moisture in the air inside the device and excludes the cabinet through the reverse flow pipe, thus overcoming the shortcomings of the ordinary heating dehumidifier, realizing the real dehumidification, and fundamentally solving the hidden danger brought by the condensation phenomenon.

Key words:

Electric type dehumidifier

Product Description

Functional features

★2 LED digital tube real-time display of relative humidity.
★1 power indicator, 1 status indicator.
★Power input selectable.
★Intelligent detection of relative humidity, automatic start or stop dehumidification.
★Intelligent temperature detection, automatic start or stop alarm.
★Dehumidification time is too long, automatically stop dehumidification.
★When dehumidification is stopped, the cooling fan stops with a delay of 1 minute.
★Dehumidification water can be automatically discharged through the drain pipe.


Technical parameters


Operating Instructions


1. Diagram


2,Power Input

Use 98 ~ 242VAC or 136 ~ 336VDC power supply to connect the power cord to the dehumidifier AC interface, connect the other end of the power cord to 98 ~ 242VAC or 136 ~ 336VDC, ≤ 2A Use DC12V power supply to connect the power cord to the dehumidifier DC interface, connect the other end of the DC power cord to 10.8 ~ 13.2VDC, ≤ 2A

3, alarm
When the hot plate temperature is higher than the start alarm temperature threshold (default 50°C) or the dehumidification time is higher
Continuous dehumidification time (default time value 3H), the alarm will be activated.
When the alarm is started, 30min after the alarm, when the temperature of the hot plate is lower than the threshold value of the stop alarm temperature (default value is 45°C), the alarm will be stopped.

4. Instructions
Digital tube: display the current relative humidity.
Power LED: Indicates if there is power input
Status indicator: slow flashing (1.5S on and 1.5S off) standby state
Dehumidification status
Flash (0.5S on 0.5 off) alarm status


5. Troubleshooting


6. considerations

1. Do not block the front air inlet and the upper and lower air outlets of the dehumidifier, or insert foreign objects into the air outlet by mistake.
2. Please keep the whole device upright and horizontally installed, not upside down. The drain pipe should be lower than the water outlet of the dehumidifier. The outlet of the drain pipe should be led out of the dehumidification environment, suspended as much as possible, and not blocked or immersed in mud and other objects.
3. The installation of the device should be far away from the heat source and installed in a large space.
4. It is strictly forbidden to block the relative humidity sensor of the dehumidifier.

7. Warranty and Service
Within one year from the date of purchase, if any process or component damage occurs, the company and the authorized center will provide free service for cardholders; the warranty service is only valid under normal use, and all man-made damage, such as access to inappropriate power or discomfort.
In case of installation, wrong wiring, maintenance and modification not approved by the company, etc., the maintenance shall be charged; this warranty service does not include the on-site service of maintenance personnel.

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