Primary and secondary fusion complete ring cage

DLX-12 outdoor ring net cage, 12KV switch cabinet, circuit breaker, load switch, current and voltage transformer, power supply PT cabinet, automation terminal DTU, communication control terminal, metering cabinet, etc. are installed and debugged into a movable, sealed and moisture-proof stainless steel box body, thus shortening the construction period and realizing the integration and modularization of primary and secondary systems in urban distribution network. Shorten the construction period, greatly provide the reliability of urban power grid operation. By loading the power distribution automation system, the monitoring, protection and control of power equipment can be integrated under normal and accident conditions to achieve unified management.

Key words:

Primary and secondary fusion complete ring cage

Product Description

Main functional features

★Insulation and arc extinguishing medium: SF6 insulation mode, solid insulation mode, environmental protection gas insulation mode
★Products can be manual electric operation
★Can meet the intelligent upgrade interface and protection scheme
★Equipped with shielded detachable connector
★With perfect "five prevention" function
★Compact product structure design, small footprint, improve space utilization
★Product maintenance-free, long life and other characteristics
★A variety of carton types are available: stainless steel, landscape, GRC, etc.




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