10kV environmental protection gas insulated ring network cabinet

Environmental protection gas insulated ring network cabinet is a kind of intelligent cloud equipment with environmental protection, economical price and convenient operation. All primary conductive parts in the switch are enclosed in a sealed and welded stainless steel box. N2 or dry air is used as the insulating medium in the box. The main switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, the isolating switch adopts a three-position structure, and the adjacent cabinets are connected through an insulated bus. It is suitable for power distribution in urban residential areas, small secondary substations, switching stations, box-type substations, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, wind power generation, hospitals, stadiums, railways, tunnels and other places.

Key words:

10kV environmental protection gas insulated ring network cabinet

Product Description

Functional features

★Simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and convenient installation.
★Achieve "zero emissions" of greenhouse gases and achieve environmental protection.
★Using rectangular contact spring, stable force value, long mechanical and electrical life of the product
★The wide-angle lens is equipped with LED light source, which can effectively observe the three working conditions of closing, opening and grounding of the isolating switch, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to repair. The lens barrel is made of aluminum alloy, which has high strength and avoids the risk of primary circuit sealing failure caused by aging.
★Wide-angle lens with its own lighting system for convenient observation of isolated fracture.
★The main switch operation adopts button design, which is convenient and simple to operate. The button structure is made of zinc alloy material to avoid aging failure.


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