10kV solid insulated ring network cabinet

Solid insulated ring network cabinet is a kind of intelligent cloud equipment with environmental protection, economical price and convenient operation. All conductive parts in the switch are sealed or sealed in solid insulating materials. The main switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, the isolating switch adopts a three-position structure, and the adjacent cabinets are connected through solid insulating busbars. Epoxy resin is used as a new type of power distribution equipment for the insulation of the charged body to the ground and phases.It meets the requirements of reducing exhaust gas pollution of electrical products advocated by the state, and is suitable for small secondary power distribution stations, opening and closing stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railways, commercial districts, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels and other fields. Especially the plateau, wet, cold, low-lying special environment.

Key words:

10kV solid insulated ring network cabinet

Product Description

Functional features

★Cancel the greenhouse effect gas SF6, all materials are non-toxic harmless environmental protection materials.
★Compact structure, small footprint, safe and reliable.
★Product modular design, the functional units can be freely combined, flexible and convenient,
★The solid insulating outer surface covers the ground plane. Avoid the human body touch accident, and even can avoid the phase short circuit fault;
★The visual fracture technology is adopted, which greatly improves the operation safety;
★The solid sealing pole, bus bar and melting cylinder are fully insulated and touchable;
★Resistant to harsh environments, unlike SF6 switches, the air pressure gradually becomes smaller at low temperatures, and the insulation decreases, which affects the insulation performance.



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