10kV SF6 ring network cabinet

SSU series fully insulated compact ring network cabinet is SF6 gas insulated medium voltage switchgear independently developed by Qixing Electric. The product adopts modular design and can be arranged arbitrarily according to different design schemes. It is perfectly combined with common box units and extended units to meet the flexible use needs of compact switchgear in various secondary substations. It is widely used in power distribution stations, box-type switching stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railways, commercial areas, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels and places with harsh natural conditions.In order to respond to the "1135" distribution network operation service management requirements of the State Grid and improve the relevant requirements of equipment selection standards, our company has conscientiously studied and implemented the "12kV ring network cabinet (box) standardized design customization scheme". After research and development, design and manufacturing, our company has fully possessed the production capacity of standardized ring network cabinet and obtained relevant third-party inspection reports.

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10kV SF6 ring network cabinet

Product Description


1. regular SF6 ring network cabinet
SSU-K load switch unit (size: 360*750*1500)
SSU-T load switch fuse combination cabinet (size: 360*750*1500)
SSU-V circuit breaker unit (size: 420*750*1500)
SSU-B cable connection unit (size: 360*750*1500)
SSU-LV circuit breaker contact unit (size: 630*750*1500)
SSU-M metering cabinet unit (size: 750*850*1500)
SSU-Kpt PT unit with switch (size: 500*750*1500)
SSU-PT without switch PT unit (size: 500*750*1500)
SSU-TP Station Transformer (Size: 1100*750*1500)
Note: The above dimensions do not include the dimensions of the low pressure box.


Standardized SF6 ring network cabinet

SSU-K load switch unit (size: 375*750 *(1 600 350))
SSU-T load switch fuse combination unit (size: 420*750 *(1 600 350))
SSU-V circuit breaker unit (size: 420*750 *(1 600 350))
SSU-B cable connection unit (size: 375*750 *(1 600 350))
SSU-Kpt PT unit with switch (size: 600*750 *(1 600 350))
SSU-Kpt PT unit with switch (integrated node switch) (size: 600*750 *(1 600 350))


Main functional features

★The load switch uses SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium
★The circuit breaker adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas insulation.
★The product can be operated manually and electrically.
★Can meet the intelligent upgrade interface and protection scheme
★Equipped with shielded detachable connector
★With perfect "five prevention" function
★The product structure design is compact, the occupied space is small, and the space utilization rate is improved;
★Product maintenance-free, long life and other characteristics.


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