Low-voltage draw-out switchgear

GCK type low-voltage draw-out switchgear is suitable for low-voltage distribution systems with AC 50HZ and rated working voltage of 380~660V and below as power receiving, feed, female linkage, motor control and power compensation. It covers the functions of power center (PC) and motor control center (MCC), and can be designed as a hybrid system of fixed cabinet and chest of drawers to meet different power supply and distribution needs, and is widely used in electric power, airports, ports, subways, mines, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals, residential quarters, high-rise buildings and other places. The switchgear meets the requirements of IEC439, GB7251 and other standards, and the models derived from it are GCS and MNS.

Key words:

Low-voltage draw-out switchgear

Product Description

Main functional features

★Equipment enclosure protection class IP30;
★Each functional unit is provided with a separate compartment, and electrical faults do not spread;
★Each functional unit adopts drawer design as a whole, and the same functional unit is interchangeable and easy to repair and maintain;
★The equipment cabinet is made of aluminum-zinc steel plate, which has high mechanical strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.


Ordering Instructions

★Characteristics of power supply system: rated voltage, current and frequency;
★Layout plan, primary system diagram and secondary schematic diagram;
★Operating conditions: the highest and lowest air temperature, humidity difference, humidity, altitude and pollution level, and other external factors affecting the operation of the equipment;
★Special conditions of use shall be described in detail;
★Other special requirements.


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