Indoor armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

KYN28-12 type indoor armored removable AC metal enclosed switchgear is a complete set of power distribution equipment for 3.6 ~ 12KV three-phase AC 50HZ single bus and single bus section system. It is mainly used for power plants, small and medium-sized generators, power distribution of industrial and mining enterprises, power distribution of residential areas, and power reception, power transmission and large high-voltage motor starting of secondary substations of electrical systems. For control, protection and monitoring purposes, the switchgear meets the requirements of DL/T404, IEC298, GB3906 and other standards, and has the interlocking functions of preventing load push-pull circuit breaker handcart, preventing false opening and closing of circuit breaker, preventing closing of circuit breaker when grounding switch is in closed position, preventing false entry into live interval, and preventing false closing of grounding switch when charged.

Key words:

Indoor armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

Product Description

Main functional features

★The protection level of the equipment enclosure is high, with the protection level IP4X, and the protection level when the circuit breaker chamber door is fully opened is IP2X;
★Meet the requirements of "Five Preventions", and the same functional units are interchangeable;
★Equipped with handcart type vacuum circuit breaker, complete protection function, convenient maintenance;
★The equipment shell is applied with aluminum-zinc steel plate, which has high mechanical strength, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.


Ordering Instructions

★Characteristics of power supply system: rated voltage, current and frequency;
★Layout plan, primary system diagram and secondary schematic diagram;
★Operating conditions: the highest and lowest air temperature, humidity difference, humidity, altitude and pollution level, and other external factors affecting the operation of the equipment;
★Special conditions of use shall be described in detail;
★Other special requirements.


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