ZW32 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-12/T630-20 type outdoor vacuum circuit breaker for rated voltage 12KV, rated current 630A, three-phase AC 50HZ outdoor power distribution equipment. It is mainly used for the load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system. It is suitable for frequent operation places such as rural power grid, urban power grid and industrial and mining enterprises.ZW32-12(D)/T630-20 combination switch is a 12KV outdoor high-voltage switchgear composed of vacuum circuit breaker, isolating switch and its linkage mechanism. In addition to all the functions of the circuit breaker, it can also meet the requirements of obvious isolation fracture during the maintenance of the circuit breaker. The isolation knife and the circuit breaker body have a reliable mechanical interlocking device to ensure the personal safety of the maintenance personnel.

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ZW32 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Product Description

Main functional features

★Vacuum arc extinguishing, stable breaking performance
★three-phase strut structure
★Built-in miniaturized spring mechanism, low energy consumption
★Install two-phase or three-phase through-core transformer
★Outdoor epoxy resin or silicone rubber sleeve, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance
★Can be matched with the controller to achieve distribution automation
★Small size, light weight, low maintenance, long life


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